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Baptism Class

Baptism is an outward sign of your inner commitment to follow Jesus.

When you are baptized you are saying to the world, "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back." Something spiritually significant happens when you are baptized. You are cleansed from your past mistakes, and you are pushed forward toward your new life in Christ Jesus.

Adults that have decided to be baptized, will need to complete this class, Sunday, May 29th at 9A

If your child is asking questions about sin, forgiveness, God's love, or baptism, your child may be ready to make the decision to give their life to Jesus or they may have already done so. They may be ready to be baptized. We encourage each child to make this decision when they are personally ready. Therefore it is a unique testimony, age, and time for every child.

We will work with your children to ensure they understand what Baptism is about and prepare them for the big day. A parent guide will also be available to disciple them at home prior to and following baptism weekend.

Children who have decided to be baptized will need to complete this class, Sunday, May 22nd at 10A during service