Wilderness Man Camp

An off-the-grid, primitive weekend camping experience for men 21 and older!

Oct. 13th 5PM - Oct. 15th 10AM

WILDERNESS MAN CAMP is an off-the-grid, primitive weekend camping experience for men 21 and older. It’s a break from the numbing grind of comfort and busyness. It’s like jumping in a sketchy van and ripping away to freedom. But in the woods, with a bunch of other guys ready to breathe some life into their lungs.

This isn't a kumbaya-singing, sit-and-get, church camp. It’s a BYO-Everything weekend, including tents and food. This is your chance to show off your campfire/ camping stove cooking abilities, or your chance to learn. BYO food to cook, axes to throw, jerky to chew, and drinks to drink. You'll drop off your gear, set up your squad's camp, and get ready for the best weekend of the year so far.

What does the $99 include?

This is a great price for what you’re getting. As soon as you pull in, we'll you'll get a bag of cool stuff, including this Fall's Man Camp ShirtThroughout the rest of the weekend, this is what's included: Water and soda all weekend, Saturday Night Dinner, and Two Nights of Camping, all other weekend activities during the camp.

Saturday Shooting Range Trip

On Saturday we will be going over to an outdoor shooting range for a few hours. The cost to enter the range is $5 and you will need to register for that separately after registering for Man Camp. It is not mandatory that you attend the shooting range on Saturday, you have the option to stay at camp. However, you'll probably have more fun at the range ;)


We provide Saturday night dinner. The rest is on you. You need to supply the rest of your own food on this outdoor adventure. Use this as an opportunity to practice your camping stove skills or over the fire cooking skills. You’re welcome and encouraged to bring your other drinks of choice, we trust you to know your limits and what’s responsible for you. But if you’re bringing some brown sauce or some fancy beer, might as well bring some for a neighbor too ;). Remember, this is primitive camping. We won't have refrigerators available for you. Plan accordingly.


Wet sucks and cold and wet is even worse. We don't control the weather and you'll be outside so pack multiple use layers for warmth and dryness. There's no going back home for an extra pair of underwear.


At a minimum you'll need your own tent, sleeping bag and pad, a camp chair, headlamp, water, and something to eat on and eat with. If you need to, you can work with the buddy coming with you to figure out the big stuff like tents and coolers. This is a BYO event, so if you have an outdoor activity you think is fun, bring it. If you are in need of gear, we encourage you to bring a friend who has gear. If you still are in need of some supplies let us know on registration.

*Coordinates for the camp given upon registration.