Tornado Relief

Keep up-to-date on our tornado relief efforts

Tornado relief

Thanks again to those of you who have dropped off bottled water, ready-to-eat food items, toiletries, etc. Also to those of you who have contributed financially, we appreciate your generosity!

Operation Blessing has moved on to another location elsewhere. What that means is we will be coordinating efforts from this point forward.

Beavercreek residents are on their own as far as debris removal is concerned, and the average cost is $1,600.00 per household just to have this debris removed! We have decided that this is a problem we can help solve. By doing this, we can show God’s love to countless families in a very practical way.

We will be meeting Saturday mornings at the church at 8A to go out into the community. Wear proper clothing and bring your work gloves. If you have a chainsaw, bring it with you! We will work for a few hours and see how it goes from there.

We are no longer taking and distributing supplies.

We will be distributing gift cards to help folks with gasoline, groceries and other items needed for their homes. We are even prepared to provide financial assistance with people’s repairs. If you are need of financial assistance, please complete the application linked below.

If you would like to make a financial contribution toward Tornado Relief efforts, follow the link below.

Please keep all those affected in your prayers and consider helping in some way. Every little bit helps. The people whose lives we are touching are so appreciative!


Residents are invited come in person to fill out a work request for FREE volunteer help at Dayton Vineyard Church (4051 Indian Ripple Rd, Beavercreek, OH) Monday — Thursday from 9A to 4P. All residents must fill out a work order form and sign a release form in person, allowing volunteer teams access to your property. Volunteers will not be able to do work without a form SIGNED BY THE HOMEOWNER. Priority is given based on need (elderly, sick, disabled, etc) and is based on volunteer availability. Volunteer services offered include debris removal and help finding and sorting salvageable belongings. For more information on how to apply for help call us at: 937-427-1912.

For financial assistance requests, please complete the application linked below.